New Research Page

The Canadian Association of PNH Patients (PNHCA) is thrilled to announce the creation of a new page on the PNHCA website called “What’s New in Research.” For the last 20 years, there has only been one Health Canada-approved treatment for PNH patients, but that may change in the coming years. There is a significant amount of activity underway to discover and develop new treatments for PNH, and right now, there are 10 organizations currently conducting clinical trials around the world.

Clinical trials are initiated to test new “experimental” drugs, or to test new uses of already approved drugs on humans, in a wide range of disease areas. Researchers in countries all around the world, including Canada, in locations like hospitals, universities, doctors’ offices and community clinics, conduct these clinical trials.

The “What’s New in Research” page features the latest information about clinical trials currently underway in PNH, in order to keep all PNH patients in Canada up-to-date on the latest advancements being made in the treatment of PNH around the world.

Visit our new page here and check back regularly for the latest updates.